Tired of Tapping on that Tiny Toy Telecaster? It's no wonder.

Because Escaping from Sharks, Chopping Wood as a Lumberjack, acing a Dance Competition, Jumping Robots in a futuristic society, Sword Swinging, playing Tennis, making Sandwiches and simply Marching to the Beat (plus many more things)
are way more fun than that. We know.

So much in fact, that we're giving away Jaybot's Catchy Cadence for FREE! That's right. Free.
Free for PC and for anyone lucky enough to have a fast PDA.*

Don't worry, Free doesn't mean we didn't spend over a year in development and pour our hearts and souls into the game. We did, quite a bit, in fact. We just thought it was so darn exceptional, that everyone and anyone should be able to experience it.

What the heck is the game? It's a Rythm-Music-Action Game designed by our in-house maestro Game-Designer-Musician, Jason Surguine (aka Jaybot) with over 12 separate games and songs to play along with! Click on any of the buttons below to find out more.

Don't worry, it's simple and extremely FUN! No need to worry about complex button pushing or patterns. In fact, you don't even have to read the instructions
(although we did put some in of course, just in case).


Jaybot's Catchy Cadence
Price: FREE!

*Meaning, if you have a QVGA non-phone device, and HTC didn't make it, you should be good.
We aimed to make the game for all decent PDA's, but HTC (a whopping % of the new devices out there) just decided to go the slower, weaker route with every new device they made, Sorry.

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