The fun-filled, award-winning, most popular game-collection for mobile devices..

Gamebox Classics
is a collection of six highly addictive puzzle games to keep your mind stimulated and your fingers tapping!

Winner of the Smartphone and Pocket PC Awards for
Best Game Pack of 2007!

GameBox Classics
Price: FREE!

GameBox Classics
Price: $0.99
Compatible devices
Compatible devices
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  • Six full games in one neat package:
    Blocks, Snake, Jewel Master, Cannons, Fireball, and Blocks Plus!
  • Colorful graphics spiced up with tons of visual effects
  • Very smooth game play
  • Over 20 minutes of original music and lots of fun sound effects


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Excellent hand-painted graphics, amazing ambient music...
A real winner!
the first time I have ever completely drained my battery...